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Selected Response Item Formats and Examples
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Check all Responses that Apply  Mark a Visual Field

Check All Responses that Apply

"Check all responses that apply" items are similar to multiple-choice items but may have more than one correct option.   Typically, partial credit is awarded for partially complete, but not partially correct, responses (i.e., selection of an incorrect option invalidates partial credit for any correct responses).


  • Often require higher level thinking


  • Evidence of knowledge is indirect (i.e., requires recognition of correct response rather than creation of a correct response)


  • Include a clearly correct option or set of options for each item
  • Ensure a clear and complete fit between the stem and the correct option(s) (i.e., the option must fully address the stem question or complete the stem imperative, but must not go beyond the stem to include more information than called for)
  • Use distractors, or incorrect response options, that address a common misconception, a known predisposition, a flaw in reasoning, or a partial or overly general understanding
  • Avoid distractors that are obvious or superficial
  • Present distractors that parallel the correct option in terms of language level, grammatical form, and length

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