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Selected Response Item Formats and Examples
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Check all Responses that Apply  Mark a Visual Field

Mark a Visual Field

"Mark a visual field" items present a graphic (e.g., an image, diagram, schematic) upon which the respondent records a mark (e.g., a line, an X, underline, circle) to designate a response.   While this item format appears to be “constructed” (i.e., the respondent must do or make something rather than simply select one or more options), the fact that they can be machine scanned makes these items closer to selected response than brief constructed response items.


  • More direct evidence of thinking and learning
  • Increases variety of item types, thus increasing interest and engagement in assessment


  • More time-consuming or technologically demanding to score than other selected response item types


  • Include a clearly discernable area for marking
  • Provide clear instructions for how to mark response

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Example (PDF: 17KB)

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