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MarylandFine Arts Education Instructional Tool Kit
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Developing Fine Arts Assessments
Integrating Fine Arts Across the Curriculum
Assessment Outcomes and Implications

Long-term Task Formats and Examples
Product  Performance  Extended Constructed Response
Curriculum Unit  Portfolio Assessment


Evidence of student learning may take the form of a long-range product development.   Products may assume a wide range of forms, including:

  • Artifacts (drawings, paintings, sculptures, costumes, masks)
  • Presentations
  • Projects (investigation and inquiry log)
  • Models
  • Musical scores
  • Choreographic notation 

Task specifications for a long-range product in any of the fine arts must include, but need not be limited to:

  • Product options menu
  • Documentation requirements (e.g., processes engaged in, materials used, assistance provided and by whom)
  • Guidelines on recommended or required supporting materials (e.g., notes, process logs, draft stage work, reflection, extension activities)
  • Logistical guidelines (e.g., gathering and storing supporting materials, delivery mode for assessment purposes)

View Example:

Dance Portfolio Assessment (PDF: 285KB)

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