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Selected Response Item Formats and Examples
Matching  Multiple Choice  True-False
Check all Responses that Apply  Mark a Visual Field


Matching items consist of choices of words or phrases in one column (i.e., premises) to which response choices in a second column are matched, along with directions for matching the two.   If a given response matches more than one word or phrase, clearly state this possibility in the directions.


  • More efficient than a set of multiple-choice items since the same set of response choices may serve different sets of premises
  • Compact
  • Easily scored


  • Useful mostly for lower level thinking skills


  • All entries in each column should fall into a particular category
  • Make sure that directions to the student are clear about the type of association to be made
  • Make the list of responses longer than the list of premises, and use short and succinct words and phrases
  • Either premises or responses should be ordered logically (both lists should not be random)

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