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A Portfolio Assessment for Music

Format and parameters of a portfolio

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Generalizability of results


Portfolio assessment involves the identification, collection, and evaluation of a systematically collected body of work, used to demonstrate growth and learning. While used by a few states and school systems for accountability purposes, portfolio assessment is most familiar as a classroom assessment tool. A well-designed portfolio assessment can provide rich information about background and learning contexts (where the student started), process (how learning has progressed), and a student's ability to apply and extend learning.

The contents of a portfolio vary depending on its assessment purpose. There are two general purposes for creating a portfolio assessment:

  • Formative portfolio assessment is used to illustrate learning in progress. It is often considered an “autobiography of the learner.”
  • Summative assessment illustrates cumulative learning at a set point in an instructional program or sequence. It provides a longitudinal demonstration of the thinking behind, and application of, learned skills and understandings.

View Example:

Music Portfolio (PDF: 120k)

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