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MarylandFine Arts Education Instructional Tool Kit
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Maryland Fine Arts Education
Developing Fine Arts Assessments
Integrating Fine Arts Across the Curriculum
Assessment Outcomes and Implications

Long-term Task Formats and Examples
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Curriculum Unit  Portfolio Assessment

Planning and Designing a Portfolio Assessment
Generalizability of Results

A portfolio should be designed so that generalizations can be made with confidence.   Consider the following guidelines:

  • Activities should be designed at the VSC objective level.
  • Activities should primarily address grade-level objectives that reflect a continuum of learning across the content standard and indicator levels of the VSC.   They may also include those that address what students are supposed to learn and be able to do at earlier as well as subsequent grade levels.
  • Activities should reflect a sample of objectives within and across a content standard(s). Sampling of objectives should allow meaningful generalizations about student achievement to be reported at the indicator level.
  • VSC content standards, indicators, and objectives addressed for every activity included in the portfolio must be clearly indicated.

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