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Portfolio Assessment
Use of Portfolio Scoring Tools

Oftentimes, specific tasks may be assigned to students as part of the portfolio evaluation.   In that case, a scoring guide for each activity should be developed in accordance with best practices for scoring assessments.   To evaluate the portfolio as a whole, another type of scoring tool should be applied.

Portfolio assessment scoring tools can provide diagnostic information to inform instruction.   A conversion table may be used to aggregate scores assigned to each scorable portfolio component.   A single score to identify overall proficiency level may also be useful for informing judgments at the classroom level (e.g., to determine the effectiveness of a unit of instruction for the class as a whole).

Following is an example of a scoring tool that might be used to evaluate the contents of a course-based portfolio assessment, designed to include an array of work samples aligned with various grade-level VSC objectives in each content standard.   Note that the first four dimensions (or evaluative categories) listed are the four VSC content standards.   In this example, each of the four content standards has been weighted “X2” (given double the value of other dimensions) to reflect the emphasis upon the VSC.   In addition to the four VSC content standards, other dimensions, such as content integration and communication in the arts, are included, because a systemwide instructional emphasis is given to these overarching learning outcomes in this example.   Evaluative categories may be added or deleted to reflect the understandings and processes most valued by a school or school system.

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Portfolio Assessment Scoring Tool (PDF: 32k)

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