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Brief Constructed Response Item Formats and Examples
Fill in the blank  Short answer  Label a diagram
Visual representation  Show your work

Show Your Work

"Show your work" items take the form of preparatory work for the creation of a product, performance, or extended text.   These items may be treated as one component of a task leading to a final product or may be stand-alone, as evidence of preliminary thinking and problem-solving.   A response to these items may take the form of label a diagram or visual representation, and may also take the form of a synthesis of multiple brief constructed response item types.


  • Less dependent on writing skills than some other types of brief constructed responses
  • Allows for an alternative evidence of learning or understanding
  • Novelty of item type encourages interest and engagement


  • Lack of familiarity with item type may impact performance


  • Ensure that evidence of understanding lends itself to response through words, images, symbols, and diagrams
  • Ensure that the range of anticipated responses is open-ended; if there is truly only one possible response, consider re-crafting as a selected response item
  • Word items so that while students may not respond in identical ways, the expectations for that item are clear

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