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Portfolio Assessment
Contents of a Portfolio

Assessment portfolios typically contain a variety of materials from some or all of the categories below.

Table of Contents:  Written, taped, or live commentary to help reviewers navigate the collection of entries ...more details

Work Samples:  Actual products and performances in graphic, digital, recorded, or other form to provide evidence of learning ...more details

Documentation of Progression:  Information to establish the order of entries and the timeframe in which they were produced to demonstrate growth and learning; may be integrated within the table of contents.

Annotations to Clarify Scope of Intended Task:  Information to clarify the learning objectives underlying each entry.   Annotations may take any number of forms, including a teacher-generated appended assignment sheet, a student-generated written description of task, a 3x5 card with a brief outline of the task attached to each entry, and an audiotape explaining portfolio contents.

Evidence of Process:  Evidence of the steps taken to create an entry ...more details

Evidence of Reflection:  Written or recorded self-evaluation of products and processes in their creation ...more details

Personal Skills/Knowledge Inventory:  Written or oral (taped or live) information about background knowledge and skill in the arts content area being assessed. ...more details

Supporting Information:  Additional clarification of context and purpose of each entry ...more details

Evidence of Evaluation:  Documentation of grading or evaluation for individual entries in the portfolio ...more details

Evidence of Application/Extension:  Work samples to demonstrate application or extension of skills, processes, and knowledge represented by one or more other entries ...more details

The format and parameters of a portfolio may take various forms.

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